The Studio

The Soundmasters mastering studio contains a superb array of professional audio equipment, ranging from vintage valve processing to the latest in cutting edge digital technology. Each piece of kit has been hand-picked to enable the best possible result from each mastering session.

Now let's get really technical!

The analogue console that is central to the studio was designed and built by Leif Masses of Masses Electronics.
The Maselec system utilises high quality relay signal routing with direct XLR connection, this removes the need for analogue patching & greatly reduces the length of the signal path. Outboard processing is therefore only in circuit when selected.

Three Maselec master MTC-2, 2 channel controllers provide 6 discreet channels with stepped individual control of input/output gain, high and low pass filters, elliptical E.Q., stereo width adjust and output faders. Monitoring and metering at any stage of the mastering chain can be achieved using the Maselec MC-2 monitoring controller.
The Mastering Studio uses the digital audio workstation Soundblade HD. Built on the HDSP array processing architecture and incorporating advanced HDSP and RISC technology, this highly evolved, user-driven editing platform offers the highest fidelity audio processing available.

The Soundmasters choice of dual HDSP processors add dedicated hardware DSP to the systems, allowing for additional instances of real-time processing and background processes such as Sample Rate Conversion and the Emmy-award winning NoNOISE feature. An all-48-bit data path throughout the system preserves the signal quality from initial recording to final output, offering unparalleled sonic fidelity in editing and processing.


Mac Pro (x2)
Soundblade HD
DigiDesign Pro Tools 10

Monitoring & Amplifiers 
Yamaha NS10
Bryston 3B 
Bryston Crossovers
 Maselec MTC1 Stereo monitoring control centre
2 x Prism Maselec MEA-2
GML 9500
GML 8200
Summit Audio
2 x Neumann OE DUO
Dolby 740 Spectral Processor

Compression and Limiting
Fairman TMC Tube Master Compressor
Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Compressor 
2 x Neumann U473SP
2 x Maselec Limiters MPL-2
Junger Accent 1 DOI
Source and Destination Machines
Sony 7010 DAT Player
Sony 7040 DAT
Ampex ATR100 with Varispeed/Dolby 363SR/A noise reduction
Sony CDP D500 CD Player
Sony 1630 Processor
Sony DTA 2000 Analyser
Sony DMR2000 / 4000 Umatic player/recorder
Antelope Trinity Wordclock
Prism ADA-8 & Prism ADA-8 XR 
dcs 904 24 BIT / 192 KHz DSD A to D
dcs 955 24 BIT / 192 KHz DSD DAC
dcs 950 D to A

Vinyl Cutting
Customised Neumann VMS 82 Lacquer Lathe
SSX 74 Cutter Head